Dental Hygiene Guides

The dental guides were developed in collaboration with four dental hygienists.

We were honored that a past president of the Hispanic Dental Association translated the guide to Spanish for us. The Path Forward Foundation is working in collaboration with the Hispanic Dental Association to help bring dental hygiene education to communities.

In PA, we are working in collaboration with Cavity Free Kids to help educate about dental hygiene. The Path Forward Foundation would be honored to explore if there is a way to be of service as you reach out in the communities to educate about dental hygiene.

Your logo, contact information, services, can go on the cover and inside the guides. The guides can be customized to fit your needs. The guide can also come as a calendar.

The PFF can explore if a local dental office in your community would want to speak with your clients about dental hygiene. We would be honored to explore if a dental initiative can be created for you and your community.

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Also available in Spanish