Bullying Guides

The Path Forward Foundation is proud to send you our anti-bullying learning guide. Developed by us, it incorporates the Four Anti-Bullying Rules from the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. We received permission from Hazelden Publishing to use these rules.

In PA, the Path Forward Foundation is working with Dr. Judith Bookhammer, the Executive Director of the PA School Counselors Association, to help reduce bullying.

We are partnering with and are endorsed by the PA Council for the Social Studies and Mr. David Trevaskis(President of the PCSS) to address bullying. Mr. David Trevaskis is the Pro Bono Lawyer for the PA Bar Association and a certified anti-bullying trainer. He helps to run the Anti-Bullying Peer Mediation program for the PA Bar. The Peer Mediation Program allows youth to address bullying in a mock court room.

The PFF would be honored to work with you and help find a local anti-bullying professional in your community to speak with your youth, parents, and staff.

There is a manual and lesson plan that can be used with the guide developed by working with a school safety coordinator.

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